Forage Crops

Although grass is undoubtedly the most efficient and economical way to feed livestock, forage crops do have a key role to play.

Growing forage crops on your own land can bring many benefits. There are many options such as grazed crops like stubble turnips and forage rape or high yielding harvestable crops such as fodder beet. Whichever option you choose will enable you to reduce feeding costs, extend the grazing season and provide an excellent break crop and entry back to grass re-seed.

Whether you’re a lamb, beef or dairy producer, planning a forage crop programme is important, and identifying your feed demand requirements by month will help you decide which crop species is most suitable for your farming enterprise.

Which Forage is Right for Me?
Crop Sowing Date Time to Mature Utilisable
Fodder BeetApril to May24 – 28 weeksOctober to November
Stubble TurnipMay to August12 – 14 weeksAugust to February
Rape/Kale HybridJuly to August12 – 14 weeksSeptember to January
Forage RapeMay to August10 – 12 weeksSeptember to December
KaleMay to June16 – 20 weeksSeptember to March
SwedesMay20 weeksSeptember to February
Main Crop TurnipsMay to June12 – 15 weeksSeptember to February

Bespoke Seed Mixtures

Our team have been producing specially blended seed mixes for our customers for over 50 years. We can tailor your mix to suit the soil, understanding its history, how you use it and to help plan for the future.

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