Sowing Rate Guide

While our recommended sowing rates are merely a guide and should be varied according to sowing date and soil type, we have put together this guide as a handy starter.

Feel free to contact our expert team who will be able to give you more detailed advice specific to your requirements.


General Sowing Rate Guide

Type of Seed Quantity
per hectare
per acre
Sowing Dates
Spring Barley 185kg75kgFeb – April
Winter Barley 185kg75kgSept – Oct
Spring Wheat 185kg75kgJan – March
Winter Wheat 185kg75kgSept – Nov
Sping Oats 185kg75kgFeb – April
Winter Oats 185kg75kgSept – Oct
Winter Field Beans250kg100kgOct
Spring Field Beans250kg100kgFeb – April
Combining Beans 270kg110kgFeb – April
Linseed 60kg25kgMid March – April
Italian Ryegrass 37kg15kgMarch – Aug
Hybrid Ryegrass 37kg15kgMarch – Aug
Perennial Ryegrass 37kg15kgMarch – Aug
Westerwolds 37kg15kgMarch – May
Lucerne 25kg10kgApril – Aug
Forage Peas 150kg60kgMarch – May
Forage Rye 185kg75kgSept – Oct
Mustard 15kg6kgMay – Aug
Fodder Rape 8.5kg3.5kgMay – Aug
Stubble Turnip 5kg2kgApril – Aug
Kale 5kg2kgApril – June
Tares 185kg75kgFeb – April
Oilseed Rape 5kg2kgAug and April
Triticale Game Cover125kg50kgMarch – June


These rates are a guide for being sown singularly. If they are to be combined in a mixture these rates would normally be reduced – feel free to contact our team for further advice.

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