Environmental Schemes

The government in recent years has encouraged agriculture in the UK to improve its environmental performance by way of providing financial support to farmers to create habitats and agri practices which support this aim.

We provide a range of mixtures suited to these schemes however due to the changing nature of the rules it is important to refer to current legislative documents to make sure you comply in full.


Most agricultural businesses which receive financial support through the Basic Payment Scheme have a mandatory requirement to comply with the Greening Legislation which involves the establishment of Ecological Focus Areas (EFA) on their holdings.

The latest guidance can be found here.


This is an optional Government supported scheme which promotes land management practices which protect and enhance Scotland’s magnificent natural heritage, improve water quality, manage flood risk, and mitigate and adapt to climate change.

More information can be found here.

Bespoke Seed Mixtures

Our team have been producing specially blended seed mixes for our customers for over 50 years. We can tailor your mix to suit the soil, understanding its history, how you use it and to help plan for the future.

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